Endaba is the international go-to business for Executive Search, Market Intelligence and Leadership Development, specialising in the retail, luxury and FMCG sectors.

Executive Search Executive Search

Developing strong and meaningful relationships with both candidates and clients is the very foundation of Endaba. We don’t just find our clients anyone, we find them ‘the one’- ideal candidates who can flourish, who have the right experience and personality, and who ultimately, want to grow and evolve within an organisation.

Leadership Development Leadership Development

Our bespoke leadership and cultural development programmes help clients make the most their talent, to maximise individual and team performance, drive positivity and maintain profitable and successful environments.

Market Intelligence & Mapping Market Intelligence & Mapping

Endaba's Market Intelligence and Mapping work is focused on delivering a simple business truth – an organisation is only as good as its people. We ensure our clients have access to the best talent in the industry and that’s because we know who they are, what they want, where they’ve been and where they want to go.

' Working with Lynette at Endaba has given me a new skill set and range of abilities that I would never have discovered without her help. She has been a source of inspiration and encouragement with her straight talking approach; I have found the clarity and confidence that I can achieve anything I set out to do. I would recommend Endaba to anyone looking to find their true potential - I can't thank Lynette enough for helping me unlock mine.  '
Mark Williams, Global Head of Menswear, Ben Sherman

Karstadt' Anybody can fill a vacancy but it takes someone insightful to find and bring the right person into a role. Understanding the importance of chemistry in any relationship is what ignites the fire that feeds great ideas – that´s Endaba.  '
Gillian Berkmen Chief Merchandising Officer, Karstadt

' Endaba understand that finding ‘the one’ is an essential part of delivering strategic business objectives quickly, effectively and to the point.  '
Carolyn Springett, COO, Jaeger

' I am delighted that I found Endaba to partner and guide our business along a journey of cultural transformation. They have been authentic and insightful, provoking and supportive, unwavering in their client focus and never taking their eye off the business rationale. Personally they have been amazing to work with - helping me to raise my self awareness as well as that of many of my colleagues, as the conversations taking place within the business have shifted. I would thoroughly recommend Patrick, Lynette and the team as true business partners - they will challenge you, you will learn and grow and help to catalyse the evolution of your organisation.  '
Sue Swanborough , HR Director, General Mills UK Ltd

' With an extensive history of 50 years in the retail and luxury business, I have naturally worked closely with many professional client and service based organisations to assist in the growth of my various business ventures. Of all these companies, the most highly rated is Endaba. Endaba has a very deep understanding of the sector in which I operate – retail. They have an immediate and instinctive grasp of the particular needs of their clients. This, tempered with an uncanny knack of matching people with people and organisations with talent, has been of particular benefit to me in a number of outstanding examples of great matches and business relationships. Endaba is trusted by client and applicant alike, to help make life-enhancing moves which are equally important to both parties.  '
Anthony Spitz, Chief Executive, New & Lingwood

Next plc' We have had a long and successful relationship with Endaba, who have delivered consistently high results. Our successful relationship has been based on their extensive market knowledge and commercial acumen and we have enjoyed working together because of their commitment, passion and tenacity.  '
Christos Angelides, Group Product Director, Next plc

Siemens' Endaba’s techniques allow for long term sustainable change, an increase of 8% of EBITDA within a twelve month period.  '
Geoff Samey, Siemens