Jay joined Endaba in 2021 as VP Global Leadership. With over two decades of experience and expertise in the field of leadership development, organisational development and transformational development programmes, Jay leads and executes professional and inspiring solutions that significantly shift the performance balance.

Jay’s career has involved rich experiences in how to maximise the value of people development initiatives, which consistently deliver improved organisational performance. Using proven and creative techniques, and in partnering with Executive Leaders, People Managers and HR Teams; he challenges those that he partners with to seek out the key formulas for sustainable and long-term future success.

Jay specialises in development of talent strategies, corporate cultural change, leadership for the future that maximises people performance and application of learning. He plays a global role spanning many different industries, such as Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Managed Services, Retail, Sales and Aerospace, Defence and Security.

An HR professional, facilitator, and executive coach with the power to ignite the heart and mind through an enlightened energy for greater personal mastery, that will provide you with an unfair advantage over the competition and will drive you towards long-term improvement and sustainable change.

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