Zalando to generate €3bn (2.1bn) in sales in 2015

Endaba Group

German etailer Zalando is on track to make €3bn (£2.1bn) in sales for the first time ever in 2015. Its revenue has soared 42.2% to €713m (£504m) in its third quarter in comparison to the same period last year. Subsequently, its nine-month revenue of 2.1bn (£1.5bn) is already almost on par with its full-year 2014. Adjusted EBIT for the first nine months of 2015 increased by €19.5m (£13.8m) to €35.7m (£25.3m). In the third quarter, however, it decreased from €3.8m (£2.7m) to €23.5m (£16.6m).

Rubin Ritter, Co-Chief Executive of Zalando, said: “Our accelerated growth is driven by very strong customer metrics, so we are clearly making the right investments. We are confident that we will deliver a unique combination of fast growth and clear profitability for the full year, which is also the right path for us going forward.”