Why Commitment is Central to Success

Endaba Group

Commitment is unfashionable. In an age of instant gratification, instant celebrity, and increasingly transient lifestyles, words such as ‘serious’, ‘long-term’ and ‘effort’ sound outmoded, even off-putting, to many ears – especially at the younger end of the workforce, labelled variously as ‘Boomerang Generation’, ‘Generation Rent’ or ‘Generation Me’.

Yet commitment is one of our core values at Endaba. Why? Because over two decades we’ve observed time and time again that it is essential to the success of individuals and businesses. “Commitment is a quality shared by all great leaders,” agrees Patrick Egan, Endaba’s Managing Director. “It’s also a value we live by every day, personally and as a team: a commitment to bringing the right people together to transform lives.”

Commitment is sincere dedication to a task. This often means willingly giving up things in the short-term to potentially gain something of greater value in the long-term, whether that’s simply time, or a temptingly easier alternative.

More than a promise, commitment crucially is a matter of action – the difference between promising to do something and investing the necessary effort and actions to realise it. “Dreams are realised through concrete deeds,” Patrick says. “Committed leaders are prepared to graft and make sacrifices to achieve the goal. They lead by example. After all, how can you expect people to follow you if you don’t show conviction and dedication in your own actions?”

A leader who demonstrates real commitment is a powerful motivator for any team, instilling confidence that those above them truly believe in the business vision, purpose and plans.

Some would point out that no amount of dedication can guarantee success – even those with the staunchest commitment may find that other circumstances beyond their control ultimately inhibit their plans. However, we’d have to agree with Thomas Edison that this is a matter of perspective: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time,” the inventor once said. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Commitment is important because it endures even, or especially, when times are tough; it keeps us going in the face of adversity and challenges. We remember Edison for inventing the lightbulb, not the 10,000 attempts that preceded it.

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed: make a promise, take action, and persevere.