What’s one of the most important ingredients in building a successful team? Trust

Endaba Group

Trust is the most important ingredient for a harmonious, synergistic, and effective work environment. It is a primary factor in how people work well together, listen to one another and build effective relationships. Businesses that have and build trust among their employees are usually successfully, whilst those that don’t, frequently aren’t.

We’re often asked how to build trust in the workplace and how to maintain it?

It starts at the top: trustfulness and trustworthiness can only exist if top management sets the example

Here are our top tips for building trust in the workplace – we not only use these to guide our leadership programme but also in our every day approach to our work:

Endaba’s foundations are based upon trust. It is what sets us apart; our approach and everything we do is based on trust, and our valued and trusted relationship model is what makes us different in what can be a transactional industry, and what has enabled us to maintain clients for many years and for many assignments.

“We live our values and we walk our talk and we care. We ensure honesty, trust, discretion, transparency and integrity in all we do.” Lynette Deutsch, CEO and Founder of Endaba.

“We are stewards of our clients’ investments and we take our responsibility seriously. Trust is a key reason for our success. It is an enabler for us to redefine and inspire visionary leaders. We are committed to exceeding expectations through our trusted partnerships.” Patrick Egan, Managing Director of Endaba