Visionary Leadership: what really matters today?

Endaba Group

Great leadership is a critical component of organisational health and in consequence, an important driver of business growth, profits and shareholder returns. Effective leadership and leadership development, which is often neglected, is critical to the success of any business.

A recent leadership study surveyed more than 7500 executives from 107 countries. Only 56% were confident they had the right leaders in place to carry out strategic change. 16% believed their teams lacked necessary leadership skills. 48% would discard existing leadership development programmes if they could.

“There is an urgent need today for a new type of leadership – sustainable leadership. It is not just about the now, it’s about the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. Organisations are expected to take responsibility for the ways in which their activities impact their customers and employees, the wider society and the natural environment – as well as seeking to maximise profits. But these are not just simple tick box exercises; leaders need to be genuinely interested and concerned about social, environmental and financial performance.” Lynette Deutsch, CEO and Founder of Endaba

Over 90% of CEOs are planning to increase their investment in leadership development because they see it as the single most important human-capital issue their organisations face. It seems that whilst business agendas has moved on, development issues have remained the same.

However, what sort of leadership behaviours should organisations encourage ensuring they develop great leaders?

Based on years of research and leadership development and coaching programmes, we at Endaba know that a particular blend of behaviours, personality traits and skills create great leaders:

Experience has shown us that what distinguishes great leadership is often different for each organisation.

“Great leaders should be visionary, but they also need to live their own purpose and the purpose of their organisation and see where they fit in the bigger picture. It’s about authenticity and displaying the right behaviours and consistently demonstrating these every single day.” Lynette Deutsch