Uber rival Chariot for Women launches

Endaba Group

Have you ever felt unsafe in an Uber? After feeling threatened in an Uber, Michael Pelletz, a driver for the company himself, asked the question “what if I was a woman?” It was this concern that inspired him to create a new women-only ride-sharing service that is set to launch in April in Boston – Chariot for Women. The app will run the same ride-sharing service as Uber, but it claims it will have unique safety features, including a matching code system so the passenger knows they are getting into their designated car. Uber has experienced enormous negative press surrounding their security measures recently, after receiving 5 claims of rape and over 100 claims of sexual assault in almost 3 years. Chariot for Women is only open to female passengers, it will only have women drivers and it will even pick up children of any gender under 13.