Uber looking into e-commerce delivery programme

Endaba Group

Uber’s intrigue into delivering fashion to consumers is becoming a possibility. The disruptive car service company has been stealthily looking into its potential as a delivery service. They are now closer to setting up a formal service.

During the past year whilst they’ve experimented with their delivery service, Uber has experienced at least one problem in big cities – parking spaces. So, someone from the store is needed to bring the package to the Uber car. Similarly, there also needs to be someone on the other end to receive the package and bring it into the building. A solution is that the Uber drive could text the store and recipient to pick and deliver the package.

Recode.com says that Uber will be revealing a partnership in late September or early October with dozens of retailers and fashion brands in New York – this will include luxury brands whose flagship stores are usually found on or around Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This service will then be introduced in San Francisco shortly after.

This service is expected to be welcomed by retailers, who are building their online businesses but find that high shipping costs consume a large chunk of their profits.

An Investor in Uber, Founder and Managing Partner of HDS Capital and fashion industry veteran Haim Dabah, says that he believes Uber will “become more of a logistics company than just a people-moving company”.

The launch comes as Uber continues its rapid expansion of its core ride-hailing service globally, whilst growing its UberRush messenger and UberEats meal delivery services in some American cities.