Today’s the day to invent, not just innovate! and Jose Neves of Farfetch discuss fashion, tech and AI

Endaba Group

Fashion is broken. Why are revolutionary ideas not coming from the world of fashion? We’re no longer confined to yesterday’s rules. Technology has now become a novelty. Why haven’t we applied the technological advances we have and use everyday to what we wear? Now is the time to invent, not just innovate!  We can’t let fashion be overtaken by the tech giants – Google, IBM, Facebook, Apple, Samsung. Or they’ll be the fashion companies tomorrow

Our CEO Lynette Deutsch had the pleasure of attending the British Fashion Council’s event last night, Monday 6th February where Jose Neves, CEO of Farfetch interviewed about fashion, technology and AI. See a clip here:

So this prompts the question of why we aren’t solving problems with fashion? Why are we focussed on designing clothes simply for wearing and style? Although there are some companies out there experimenting with fabrics, we need to step it up! Connectivity in our threading; music in our clothes; clothes that keep us warm in the winter and cold in the summer!

Tech companies have been poaching innovators and inventors from fashion companies for years – for example, Angela Ahrendts left her position as CEO of Burberry to move to Apple to be their Senior Vice President of Retail.

Is right? Are fashion companies stuck in the past? We think so!