The turnaround of Tiffany

Endaba Group

Turning around Tiffany! The 179-year-old jewellery house, known best for their iconic blue boxes, have shared plans for their new advertising campaign! Conceived by Grace Coddington, the “Legendary Style” concept features a series of portraits of celebrities including Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyong’o – the first time the company have used celebrities in their campaign! Tiffany has recently faced universal challenges, including falling sales in Hong Kong, Macau and Europe and slowing traction from American consumers, particularly the younger generation. Tiffany hope to build consumer confidence and re-engage with generation Z, and have specifically targeted them with a tagline that reads #Lovenotlike. Chief Executive, Frederic Cumenal has explained how he wants to push to elevate the brand – and also the price point! They will continue to operate at different price points, using different materials and a bolder style.