Shop Direct’s contextual sizing technology

Endaba Group

Shop Direct have proven that technology and innovation do have a place in the retail world and can help brands deliver on their bottom line! The e-tailer is rolling out a new technology that allows shoppers to compare the size of goods online to a model of similar stature as the customer. The new platform has been developed in a bid to increase conversion by helping shoppers to get an accurate perspective of goods before they buy them. Shop Direct tested the technology by making it visible to half of their customers and they saw a 10.3% increase in net revenue per visitor and 7.2% increase in customer sales conversion compared to those shoppers where it was not visible. 17.1% of customers who saw the tool used it and for an average of 28.6 seconds. With the younger generation becoming increasingly reliant on online shopping, this tool will undoubtedly boost their shopping experience, finally allowing consumers to see an accurate perspective of goods. If the technology platform continues to see such strong results, this could be a tool that all brands will soon consider to increase their online performance. Shop Direct have now rolled out the technology across their whole site, and plan to extend the platform to include jewellery and watches.