Primark an international success?

Endaba Group

The retailer understands the importance of adaptability in different markets. Their newest store offering in Boston, which opened at the end of last week, gives the impression of an American retailer. From its lightbulb canopy to its window frames and the Stars and Stripes flags spanning the length of its front façade, Primark assumed the aura of the US East Coast retail, making the store already feel like a part of the local retail landscape. Compare this to Tesco’s failed attempt to enter the US market with Fresh and Easy, which did not stand out from its competitors.

Primark’s Chief Executive Paul Marchant won Outstanding Leadership award last week in the World Retail Awards and the retailer was also awarded the prize for Retail Transformation and Reinvention. With the successful introduction of the Primark brand into the US market, this does not come as a surprise.

Primark already have another six upcoming store openings in the US. What will they do next?