Pinterest working closer with UK brands

Endaba Group

Pinterest has been working closely with brands, including Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Manchester United on “trial partnerships”. They first introduced advertising in the US in February 2014 in an attempt to educate brands and agencies on how best to use the social network to build up and engage with their audiences.

In its partnering with Waitrose, Pinterest says its been working to “create and surface great content” for people in the UK within the food and drink category. Alongside usual analytics available to brands, Waitrose would also have information on trending topics. Surfacing emerging trends can help brands by showing content that Pinners are looking for, narrowing trends further into inspirational themes.

Waitrose’s social campaign launched in June on Facebook and Instagram and expanded onto Pinterest in late July. It’ll be interesting to see how they use Pinterest as a discovery tool to allow consumers to engage with its contents and the results from this.