Personal vs personalisation; be sure to know the difference!

Endaba Group

Ensuring a personal, customer-centric approach should at the top of all retailers’ agendas, however they must first differentiate between personal and personalisation! Using a customer’s name on the top of an email or on a bottle of Coca-Cola is no longer enough; this is ‘personalised’, but it is not the all-important ‘personal’ approach. Being personal goes a step further, and it allows the customer to feel they are really understood by the brand, and offers and messaging are fully targeted and unique to their needs.

So how do retailers integrate a personal approach into their business?

Through implementing a fully personal approach as opposed to simply personalising messages, many companies have been reaping the rewards, and what may seem like a costly investment has certainly paid off. JD Williams generated an uplift of 18% in new visitor conversion within just 2 weeks of personalising their mobile and tablet experiences using customers’ preferences and browsing history to display highly relevant products.

The ability to personalise messaging has come a long way from the days of Amazon’s pioneering strategy; simply using data to recommend products to customers they believed they would like! Developments in technology and tracking services enable retailers to collect vast amounts of data to gather a clear picture of their individual customers. It is then down to the company to utilise this data and ensure each customer experiences a truly personal approach!

“Retailers cannot afford to ignore personalisation anymore; it must be at the heart of each retailer’s strategy for success”, Zak Hood, Ecommerce Manager, Ellis Brigham