N Brown Group increasing minimum wage for all employees

Endaba Group

N Brown Group will pay all of their employees the national living wage, including those under 25. Chancellor George Osbourne has increased the compulsory living wage to at least £7.20/hour for workers 25 and over; however, under 25s are still subject to the national minimum wage. The N Brown Group own JD Williams, Simply Be, Jacamo, Ambrose Wilson and Fifty Plus and their Director Caroline Massingham said: “we’re applying the national living wage to all of our employees, regardless of age, as ultimately we think this is the right thing to do.”  The new legislation only affected 117 of the N Group’s 2,800 UK employees, and most of those ages over 25 were already paid above £7.20/hour. There were 145 employees of the N Group who were under 25 and have had their wages increased. The Group did not reveal how much these changes have cost the company.