Lidl launches new concept stores as it injects £1.5bn into its property investment

Endaba Group

The discount retailer is opening its first ‘Lidl of the future’ store this morning in Rushden, Northamptonshire. It’s glass-front design will form the blueprint for all its future planning applications. The store also boasts wider aisles, longer checkouts, toilets and baby changing facilities, brining the retailer further in line with British consumer expectations. The store will also use less energy through its LED lighting and reduce carbon emissions by c.20%. These new concept stores will cost more than £2m each to build. This project will take place over the next three years as Lidl is aiming to have 281 shops in London alone. Lidl purchased a five-acre site in Tolworth, West London for £10m. More than 750 employees will move from the current HQ in Wimbledon towards the end of 2018.

Lidl UK board director of property and expansion Ingo Fischer said: “We are extremely excited about our brand new concept store, which represents the future of Lidl UK. This is yet another milestone for us in providing the infrastructure needed to manage our increasing market share and the expectations of our growing and incredibly valued customer base which has, quite rightfully, come to expect the very best of us. Along with its cutting-edge design, our ‘Lidl of the Future’ concept will also go a step further to streamline processes and maximise efficiency. This forms a key part of our business model, which enables us to keep prices low and the quality of our products high. Our Rushden store represents just the beginning of the future for Lidl and we will continue to invest in our expansion programme to ensure that everyone across the country one day has a Lidl store near them.”