Kingfisher launches new tech platform to revolutionise in-store technology

Endaba Group

DIY giant Kingfisher has launched a new tech platform for B&Q stores, introducing in-aisle payments and a one-hour click-and-collect service next year. This ‘Easier’ IT platform is part and parcel of its effort to revolutionise the customer experience by introducing new services and freeing up store staff to spend more time with customers. This initiative includes new handheld terminals which provide staff with product details, customer reviews and real-time stock information. They have piloted this platform in four B&Q stores in Ireland since August and the early signs were promising.

Kingfisher are considering allowing customers to take products off the shelf and purchase them with Apple Pay and walk out of the store with their items. Their Easier IT platform allows this opportunity, but IT Office Steve Willett wants to ascertain is this is the right move operationally.

The Easier platform is designed to enable Kingfisher’s ‘One’ strategy, introduced by Kingfisher boss Véronique Laury in March as part of a foundation to transform the group into a single, unified company. The company can then create a more unified product offer and more standardised processes and systems. It will also be used to create personalised promotions and offers, and a ‘single view’ of the customer, whether they are shopping in store, on a mobile device or desktop.