Jack Wills Founder Peter Williams returns as Chief Executive

Endaba Group

Jack Wills founder Peter Williams and majority stock holder has returned to the helm and resumed his role as Chief Executive of the fashion retailer as Wendy Becker decided to step down from the business with immediate effect. The change has arose as the brand said its board and shareholders decided against floating on the London Stock Exchange. Williams thanks Wendy for her contribution to the business and putting in place the people and processes which will continue Jack Wills’ growth and is excited to resume his role two years after stepping aside. Becker assumed the role on the pretense that they were considering an IPO and hired a professional to do so.

Now, it has been reported that the brand will now be at the heart of the brand and they are exploring options for further expansion in the UK and overseas. They are already succeeding with their digital engagement, so there is definitely an opportunity for further progress there. They do not have many stores, so it is important for them to pursue significant domestic opportunities as well as globally.