Jack Wills expanding in UK and Asia

Endaba Group

Jack Wills is planning to open 10 new stores across the UK and Asia over the next year and has increased its revolving credit facility with its principal lender HSBC by 50%, from £20m to £30m, to achieve these plans. Jack Wills has not yet revealed where the new stores will be located. It currently has 65 UK branches and 19 international stores with a presence in the US and Asia, including Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. It also has three franchised outlets, in partnership with MH Alshaya in Dubai , Beirut and Kuwait.

In recent years Jack Wills has scaled back its US operations from 15 to 10 stores and closed a handful of shops in Hong Kong. Jack Wills also stepped back from a possible IPO in 2015. It is primarily owned by Peter Williams and co-founder Robert Shaw.