Ian Rogers, Apple Executive and former CEO of Beats Music, leaves Apple

Endaba Group

Ian Rogers surprised both his company and the industry today by resigning nearly 2 months after the launch of Beats1 online radio. He was responsible for the iOS streaming service and Beats1 radio station; Beats was created by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, which subsequently sold to Apple for £1.9Bn and formed the foundations for Apple Music which launched in July this year. Rogers was also responsible for hiring BBC Radio DJ Zane Lowe to be the frontman for Beats 1 radio station, which broadcasts through the iOS Music app 24 hours a day from London, New York and Los Angeles.

His move is a surprise to the music and technology industry, as both markets may make the transition from buying to streaming music if Apple Music’s push in this direction succeeds. Apple Music offers a service similar to Spotify, allowing customers to stream unlimited and listen to music offline for £9.99 a month, with a free three month trial period. Since its launch, Apple Music has 11m subscribers in comparison to Spotify’s 75m users to date from its launch in 2008.

Not only will it be interesting to observe if consumers leave Apple Music after their 3 month trial, which ends in October for early users, but who will replace Rogers in his role and what they will do for the music offering and future changes and innovations they could make to the music and technology industry.