Employee Enhancement is the new black!

Endaba Group

Richard Branson says the recipe for employee engagement is “simple” and here at Endaba we couldn’t agree more. “Companies who put employees at the centre of their business find they in turn put their customers first,” says Patrick Egan, Managing Director at Endaba. “Employees want to be part of something that enhances their lives – professionally and personally.” But though it seems straightforward to some of us, evidently many companies are getting it wrong, as 4 in 10 employees feel disengaged worldwide [AON Hewitt]. It’s time for organisations to take employee engagement seriously.

Because even though employee engagement has been a hot topic in recent years, with much lip service paid to it, often it’s misinterpreted as simply a means to drive up productivity and financial results, constantly eyeing the bottom line. Profits over people… Instead, Patrick advises focusing on the people first – and letting profits follow naturally. A genuine commitment to enhancing employees’ working lives and sense of purpose inevitably leads to increased productivity and a more creative and innovative environment, which in turn brings better financial results. But it all stems from a ‘people first’ approach.