Do not underestimate the power of Snapchat!

Endaba Group

With its quirky, camera-based user experience, Snapchat has become the most recent major social media success story. In essence, Snapchat is a mobile app used to share pictures and videos with friends and family for up to 10 seconds, automatically disappearing after 24 hours. The 4 year-old mobile app stands with 10 billion views per day and growth of 400 million users per day, vastly surpassing the historical growth rates of its rivals, Facebook and Twitter. The social app’s user base is expected to grow by 27% this year, and shows no sign of slowing after that, with experts estimating double-digit growth into next year.

Whilst Snapchat has experienced soaring engagement with users, it has been a challenge for marketers to truly harness its potential, and to effectively and authentically tap into the heavily-desirable Snapchat audience….until now! The app has recently announced improved targeting and measurement capabilities for companies to directly interact with their audience and engage with potential customers on a personal level. This leaves businesses with no excuse not to embrace the social app with open arms!

Brands that have invested in the app and successfully understood how to address their core customers and audience have reaped the rewards. Effective targeting and engagement has allowed brands to communicate with their consumers in innovative and exciting ways, including:

However, not all brands are taking this leap into this evolving digital landscape, with 65% of retailers missing an opportunity to use Snapchat to connect to their consumers! Of the 150 million users on Snapchat, most of the brands targeting those consumers had not even created Snapchat accounts. Maurice’s, Rue21 and Aeropostale all had consumers who were highly active on Snapchat, yet the brands did not even have a presence on the platform!

With Snapchat constantly evolving, and developing an interactive and engaging approach for businesses to advertise, brands can discover a suitable strategy for their company. Whether it is a geofilter to promote an event, personalised consumer incentives or store competitions, the Snapchat opportunity should be seen as a serious and valuable opportunity; and one that cannot wait. Harnessing Snapchat’s value has been proven to lead to an increase in sales, brand awareness, footfall and intent to buy….so what are you waiting for?