DAVOS 2016

Endaba Group

‘Economic Growth doesn’t mean anything unless it is inclusive growth’ says John Green, Author, Vlogger during his Facebook live chat at Davos 2016.  As Davos 2016 kicks off, it seeks to inspire collaborative work to include the excluded in economic growth.  Inclusive growth is now so much more than just a CSR plan and needs to be a key part of businesses overall strategy.  Is this even possible and do today’s businesses really understand what this means?

There are signs to say it is, and there is certainly a momentum around both the public and private sectors’ taking ownership of financial inclusion and setting actions in place.  From Paypal’s goal to ‘democratise payments’ and provide lower-cost services to the underbanked, to Visa’s and Mastercard’s pledge to provide financial services to 500 million unbanked people by 2010.  This feels like the start of the trend, and we for one hope it continues and business take this issues to heart.