CMOs today stay in their roles shorter than any other c-suite member

Endaba Group

The average CMO stays in their role for 4.1 years (according to US research by Korn Ferry), behind the average of 5.3 years for C-suite roles, half the tenure for a CEO at 8 years and less than a CFO, CIO and CHRO. Spencer Stuart recorded similar results and a Marketing Week survey showed the job churn among UK marketers with many planning to exit their roles. It’s partly due to the complex nature of the CMO role; CMOs need to use both sides of their brain and have a different set of leadership skills. They’re in high demand and often recruited to lead transformations to then go on to the next

C-suite position Average tenure Average age
CEO 8 years 58
CFO 5.1 years 53
CMO 4.1 years 52
CHRO 5 years 55
CIO 4.3 years 51