Bench cuts half of its UK head office team

Endaba Group

The UK Bench team, previously comprised of 120 people, based in Tanzaro House in Manchester, has been cut in half, resulting in 60 redundancies. The young fashion brand has moved various roles from the UK to its office in Munich as it focuses on its German business, including “design and communication”, through have not provided details on specific roles involved. Their Munich team has grown from 40 to 90 people. A spokesman for Bench said: “Last year Bench announced its plans to expand the existing Munich operations as a second main business site of the company. This comprised of the relocation of important functions such as design and communication. This process has been implemented according to plan and is nearly complete. The reason for the relocation is the growing importance of the continental European markets for the brand.”

Their British heritage remains an important component of Bench, therefore, the brand will have two headquarters, one in Manchester and one in Munich. Germany is Bench’s largest market, generating approximately 30% of sales, followed by the UK with 20%. Its turnover is around €100m (£71m).