Asia drives AllSaints growth

Endaba Group

AllSaints has released an impressive set of results, led by their growth in the Asian market. International sales grew 12% to £108.2 million after opening 23 new stores in countries including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the US.

The retailer has big plans for its international reach, as it aims for international sales to account for almost two-thirds of its business by 2020, currently only accounting for 43%. Asia and the Middle East are the company’s focus.

The company has also seen strong results in the UK, with sales up 7.4% to £144.3 million, and a 33% growth in online sales to reach £47.3 million, accounting for 19% of their total sales.

The tough retail environment does not seem to have affected AllSaints’ sales, showing how a distinct, strong and recognisable brand image, alongside a loyal customer base is imperative.

AllSaints has maintained tight control over its brand image, and chosen to enter new markets directly through own stores and partnerships with department stores, rather than through wholesale and licensing – a strategic move that has helped make its mark in new territories without diluting the brand. AllSaints’ focus on controlling costs and protecting brand image as it expands, will continue to stand it in good stead, and help achieve sales growth in 2016/17.