Amazon transforming the way India buys and sells

Endaba Group

Amazon has launched an offering in India, whereby Indian businesses can use a Pay with Amazon service to sell and ship products through their own websites utilising Amazon’s infrastructure. It is a part of Amazon India’s move to transform the way India buys and sells, as brands and businesses are looking to convert their “static websites into digital storefronts and tap into the growing base of online shoppers in the country”, as commented by Amazon India’s Vice President and Country Manager Amit Agarwal.

They are aiming this proposition at companies who want to grow their businesses whilst keeping their operation costs low. Amazon’s delivery partners can pick up packages directly from the merchants and deliver it straight to the customers. Utilising this service, it is expected it will help reduce fraud and increase customer purchases. The ecommerce giant have called it Amazon Easy Ship.

This service joins their other recent innovations, which are forcing competitors to step up their game, such as Amazon Flex, Prime Air and their grocery proposition Fresh.

In other news, Amazon India’s Fashion and Lifestyle Executive Vika Purohit has resigned. He is regarded as one of the “four pillars” of Amazon India, as he was responsible for building’s fashion business from the ground up and saw a 9x increase in sales the past year.