Endaba vs. Robots

Endaba Group

Technology has transformed the way we work. In many senses, it’s for the better: the instant global communications it makes possible and the wealth of information it puts at our fingertips.

On the downside, however, letting technology dominate communications seriously reduces the ‘real’ human interactions that deeply effect personal relationships. This issue is amplified when trying to find senior executives to fill key roles.

In our industry, we’ve observed an over-reliance on LinkedIn as an insight and search tool to see if people will ‘fit’ the role or have the right skills. But this process naturally can’t take into account whether an individual has the right behaviours, attitudes, adaptability or cultural fit with a specific organisation – the very attributes that we know ensure the long-term success of placements, especially at a senior/C-suite level

A personal approach is integral to Endaba’s intelligent executive search. Each candidate and company is unique; not simply a headshot on a screen with a list of skills that can be box-ticked. As founder and CEO Lynette Deutsch puts it, “We run Endaba on a relationship model and have built the business on long-term trusted relationships. It’s all about bringing ‘humanness’ back into the work place!  We’re still in touch with people we placed in roles more than a decade ago and remember the things about them that matter: what makes them tick, what personalities they will inspire and be inspired by, and the cultures and environments in which they will thrive’’.

This understanding should be a two-way process – ensuring the candidate has an accurate impression of a potential employer as much as the other way round – and integrated into a business’ overall strategy rather than a purely fee-oriented service. It also should be a continuing conversation after hire, monitoring and addressing how the talent evolves into their role.

Crucially, this approach proves far more successful than the usual ‘quick-fix’ transaction. By taking all those personal nuances into account, all the things you can’t gauge from a LinkedIn profile, you’re able to find talent that remains and thrives in a role – in our case, 96.8% of placed candidates stay put for at least two years. Longevity and satisfaction are, after all, far better performance indicators than simply filling a vacancy and our clients agree.

‘’Having engaged Endaba for close to a dozen assignments I have come to rely on their deep understanding of culture and trust to find the perfect match of candidate and role. They understand the importance of chemistry in a relationship and how to use it to feel and create great ideas’’. Beatrice Lafon, Group CEO. Claire’s Accessories.