5 tips for a successful m-commerce strategy!

Endaba Group

We no longer just visit online, we live online; everything is now on the go, on the palm of your hand and the extraordinary growth of m-commerce is proof of this! Sales generated through mobile are expected to reach £53.6bn by 2024, so it is important for brands to get it right.

We put together our 5 top tips for a successful m-commerce strategy:

  1. Customer-led

A successful m-commerce strategy should be entirely centred around your customer. It is important to understand your customers and what it is they are looking to get from your offering. It has to be designed according to their specific customer needs, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’!

Tech Crunch recently cited the 3 most important ‘M’s to focus on in m-commerce are ‘Moms, Millennials and Multinationals’. Out of the general population owning smartphones, mums dominated with 64%. With many retailers’ heavily targeting their m-commerce strategies towards millennials, mums are often left behind! You need to be aware of who your target audience are and focus your strategy accordingly

  1. Keep it simple, yet effective

The world of m-commerce is a heavily saturated market, so you need to offer an entirely seamless journey for your customer. As proven with the latest launch of Pokémon Go, a successful app which is simple, using your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game, but still effective at what it sets out to do! As its free, easy to download and play and fulfils a fantasy for Pokémon fans: what if Pokémon were real and lived in our world?

  1. Serve a purpose

M-commerce must have a purpose and needs to solve a problem for the user. As a brand, it is vital to know and understand your customer, their shopping habits and wants. M-commerce should give the user what they want, when they want and how they want it

  1. Always remain on brand

As well as being simple and a great user experience, m-commerce needs to be synonymous with your brand. With such a saturated mobile market, it is important that you have strong, consistent and recognisable branding to ensure you are easily recognisable. ASOS and Missguided both have very distinct and obvious m-commerce branding, and have been reaping the benefits: 64% of Missguided traffic comes from mobile and 60% of ASOS. This illustrates how a strong m-commerce proposition and branding can boost mobile traffic

  1. Responsive

The modern consumer will not simply use one device; they will switch between mobile, tablet and desktop continuously. Your mobile offering must therefore be responsive and have an adaptive design across all devices

The most important aspect of your m-commerce strategy is the customer. Your proposition must be of use to them, providing them with an effortless and speedy service in a well-designed and responsive way. You must continually listen to your customer, and know and understand them to fully harness the enormous m-commerce opportunity!