10 simple ways to reward your employees effectively!

Endaba Group

Employees are the core to every business. If they are treated well, their loyalty and hard work can be invaluable, driving a company’s success. However, when it comes to recognising and rewarding success, a pat on the back is often not enough to keep employees motivated and feel truly valued within an organisation. That’s why many employers choose alternative incentives to keep their employees engaged and feel valued for their hard work.

Incentives such as a gift card or a free lunch may seem like small gestures, but they can make all the difference to employee attitudes. A recent study found that 85% of workers surveyed felt more motivated to do their best when they were incentivised, and 73% described the office atmosphere as “good” or “very good” during an incentive period. Incentives are not just great for employee engagement, but they can be great for business in the long-run too! Employee reward programs also increased a company’s overall profits by upward of £80,000 per week on average!

Endaba shares 10 simple ways employers can reward their employees by going a step further than a pat on the back!

  1. Wellness support – discounted gym membership, reduced sports equipment, health insurance, access to alternative wellness programmes including reflexology and massage treatments
  2. Celebrate achievements! In the 24/7 modern world, it is often difficult to step back and celebrate how far your employees have come. Be sure to recognise key milestones or achievements. It is also important to not just appreciate employees for what they do for you. If they’ve achieved a milestone in their lives outside the office, celebrate with them in the office and take an interest in their persona achievements
  3. Flexible HoursThe flexibility of allowing your team to work when they want to work can make a huge difference to their lives. Maybe they won’t need daycare services for their child, for example, if they can make their own schedule.
  4. Unforgettable experiences – Take your employees on day trips – maybe a boat road across the Themes, balloon ride, or even a cooking class!
  5. Regular treats – The ‘Friday trolley’ is something that many employees will be looking forward to on a Friday! It may only be a small token such as a chocolate bar or a bag of fruit, but a regular treat will keep employees motivated and on track
  6. Fruit basket – Having access to a fruit bowl keeps your employees healthy and can make all the difference in their motivation
  7. Say it! The words ‘thank you’ are powerful. Sometimes a sincere word of thanks can be all that it takes to make your employees’ day. It costs nothing and can be highly effective
  8. Group discount – Giving a group discount to all employees to a particular store as a thank you for their hard work
  9. Giving people a choice – giving people the option of what they want and allowing them to choose and incentive that’s more relevant to them. For some, a discounted gym membership may be ideal, however for others a more family-oriented option may be more suitable
  10. Time out zone – sometimes we all need some time out! Giving your employees access to an area specifically designed for some time out is great to keep them engaged and motivated

In our money and target-driven world, it can often be easy to forget those people that are truly valuable to your company and are the key drivers behind its success. The importance of rewarding and incentivising employees should never be underestimated. If your business has energised, engaged and valued employees, then the business will reap the rewards!