Global Heritage British clothing brand with annual turnover of £350m

Endaba were retained to conduct a bespoke project to understand how key functions work across the apparel sector of the UK across all categories. The client was looking to understand the structures and workings as well as the interface between the functions to aid a new Director who had not worked in Europe.

One of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies with socially and environmentally responsible operations with an annual turnover of $13billion USD)

The client was in the process of relocating their product creation teams of one of their brands. After a consultation period with existing teams, they predicted that approximately 40 positions would become vacant across various functions at a variety of levels, including a Vice President and 3 Director roles. They were looking to understand the organisational structures, reporting lines, remit of teams and how they interface within the business, as well as the Product Lifecycle of 14 competing brands across Europe. Subsequently, they were looking for top talent to populate the vacancies.