The biggest and greatest asset of any company is its team. Although obvious, the most valuable investments you can make as a business is investing in your own team – in their wellbeing, goals, and development – and it’ll offer you an invaluable return

Happiness and productivity are intrinsically linked. A happy, nurtured and empowered team in their roles and company leads to increased productivity. Likewise, when productive and enthusiastic about what they’re doing, they’re happy.

There are many key elements to ensure your team are happy, supported and developing in their roles and in the company:

  • Foster open communication – this is crucial to making the team feel that their contribution matters
  • Clarity – not only on their goals but the business goals and what the whole company is working towards together
  • Honesty – share both positives and negatives
  • Direction and structure – provide aims and expectations and establish ways to evaluate how the team is performing, both individually and together
  • Create a favourable environment where the team are encouraged to grow their skills
  • Feedback – update the team with constructive feedback regularly
  • Encouragement and confidence boosts – demonstrate faith in their ability and build confidence by praising strengths and achievements
  • Provide discretion and autonomy over tasks
  • Support independence and innovation – give the team the opportunity to stretch out on their own, lead others and inspire creativity
  • Coaching – coaching is an empowering method of development and something Endaba strongly believes in. Coaching empowers the learner by providing them with the tools to learn for themselves, maximising individual, team and organisational performance

What are the benefits of an empowered and united team?

  • Cost-savings and increased autonomy to improve effectiveness and efficiency of working practices
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Increased productivity


“We put our people first. It’s not just about choosing people who have the right skills but also bringing people on board who live and breathe your values. Your team is only as empowered as you make them feel. Your goal is to create a work environment in which your team is empowered, productive, motivated, contributing, and most of all happy. Trust them to do the right thing.” Lynette Deutsch, CEO The Endaba Group